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About Us

Inclusive societies are inherently more sensitive to the gaps between the privileged and the underprivileged, the haves and the have‐nots, young and the wise, able and the challenged, educated and the innocent, healthy and the health‐deprived! While India is projected to become the most populous country by 2025, the gaps between the privileged few who are able to take part in the nation’s progressive growth and those who are left behind, keep widening. To overcome this gap, Foundation stone of our Organization was laid down on 15th March’ 2011 in direction of Mr. Dushyant Saini. Sole purpose our organization is to empower the underprivileged children and youth through Quality Education, healthcare, Social Justice and livelihood programs.


  1. To ensure that children from the underprivileged background receive good quality education.
  2. To impart knowledge and values through well-designed curriculum and programs for children.
  3. To create awareness in society about the problems of slum and street children and motivate them to take actions as an individual or in group.
  4. To bridge the gap between children from different backgrounds through art and cultural activities.
  5. To ensure that all the children irrespective of social status have access to quality healthcare.


The mission of our organization is not to stop till every child attains quality education, develop moral values, socially equal and independent so that he can take part in self-development and nation building.